Episode 13 – Kevin Bulmer

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Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man, is a gentlemen whom I have a deep amount of respect for. He is the embodiment of the phoenix – rise from the ashes to realize a better version of oneself. It’s only fitting that he took on the role of host of momondays London. We had an intense conversation about change – how we fear it, how we embrace it, and how it can help our entire species evolve. You rock, Kevin. Thank you for being on the podcast.

“Ah yes, the name “No Schedule Man.” It was first the title of a song I wrote in 2007, which later became the title of a CD, then part of the title of another CD in 2014 (“Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man”), and then the name of my podcast (which, I admit, I named that way because at that point I didn’t know what the podcast was about or what else to call it). It’s now a keynote speech (it’s a key component of “Leadership, Rescripted”) and workshop on authenticity, too.

At first, I thought I’d just written about a character who was the complete opposite of how I actually behaved. But after over 40 years, I finally figured out that it was the character in that song that I actually aspired to be. Life’s gone a lot better since I embraced it and all that comes with it: going with the flow, accepting impermanence, living each moment with gratitude and embracing the journey as the destination.”

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Show Notes

3:20 – momondays

4:20 – mindset

9:30 – revolve

12:20 – conspiracy

13:10 – first event – Martin Reid

15:10 – Vulnerability

18:00 – Change

21:50 – Podcast & change – TV

25:00 – The Secret – life in shambles

31:30 – Failure as a human being

33:40 – Money

35:40 – Say something that needs to be said

38:00 – Change – people

40:25 – I want more than this.

40:50 – Forgive – it’s change

46:50 – “Why am I holding myself back?”

49:30 – Figured out

50:30 – Staged

53:00 – Creative lifestyle freedom

55:30 – The Rant of the Path

Episode 12 – Tara Geraghty-Ellis

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Tara and I met back at momondays Guelph in 2018. She’s an absolute marvel of a person, out to smash the barriers that stand in humanity’s way. Her book, VisAble and Empowered, is her gift to the world. She’s overcome some incredible obstacles, such as her high school when they shredded her university application. Her voice is one that advocates for all, especially those with disabilities. Our conversation ranged from the language of disabilities to self-advocacy, self-worth, and more. Plus we recorded it on her birthday! Thank you Tara for being part of this show. It was an honour.

“I am a Registered Social Worker with an Masters Degree from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. I am a clinical social worker and owner/operator of Tara Geraghty-Ellis Disability Counselling and Consulting. I am currently practicing in Mississauga Ontario. My goals of this work is to provide an outlet for professional support to people affected by disability in a way that is customized to meet their diverse needs, while also helping those in business to meet the requirements of the AODA and make their workplaces and industries inclusive of people with disabilities. My passion for the work I am doing now, both as a private clinical social worker and in my other fields of social work stems from my experiences growing up with disabilities. I live with multiple visible and non-visible disabilities. I have personally experienced a lot of negative attitudes, mistreatment, discrimination and outright oppression. I strive every day to empower the people I work with to dream big, expect the best for themselves, and find the inner strength and external supports to make their dreams come true. I am a living testament to the fact that your biggest dreams can come true, just maybe not in the way that you thought they would.”

Show Notes

VisAble and Empowered – Amazon.ca (Hardcover)

Access Disability Empowerment – Facebook

02:20 The book

03:20 Doctors

04:20 – Mental disability?

05:40 – Self-advocation

07:00 – Creative

11:00 – Creative – moment

13:50 – Gratitude

14:40 – What started gratitude

19:00 – “Arming yourself for failure”

24:00 – Alignment of vision

30:00 – Story – end it all

35:00 – Mental anguish vs .physical disability

43:00 – Global ChangeMakers

48:30 – Catalyst for Employability for All

50:00 Who benefits from the system

53:00 Special Ed

55:00 University app

59:00 empowering – selling

65:25 – Disability

68:00 – Word choices UK/CA

76:00 Body quirks

Episode 11 – Mirage13

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Artists are the best to talk with. They have such insightful, real takes on the world. They’re able to transcend all sorts of boundaries. Mirage13 is no exception. Started by two sisters, “Brick” and “Pike,” their sound evokes memories of the best alt-rock and punk of the 90’s. If you were a child of that era (like I was) then you’ll feel your hair stand on edge as you hear their renditions of Seven Nation Army and The Kids Aren’t Alright. Then they’ll show their deepest side with their single, Nameless. Go check them out! Oh, and the intro music this week? Their track, “Nice and Perfect.”

“Who are we? Well, Mirage13 is a group of three humans inspired by fuzzy distorted guitar, loud bass scales, heavy drum fills and intense vocals. Dubbed by listeners as a mix of 90’s grunge, alt. rock and punk, Mirage self describes their music as underground rock (rumbling so super deep below the earth’s surface you could basically call it seaweed level). The band was created 4632 hours into 2013 by Pike & Brick, who are sisters that write music to express themselves and dive out of reality. Intensified by their drummer, smashing in with dynamic beats, the trio is hugely inspired by all kinds of music…and sounds…and art…and experiences. They love to play live and loud.”

Show Notes


Podcast intro music by Mirage13 – Nice and Perfect (Youtube)


LSTU Live Stream with Mirage13 (Youtube)

03:40 – YouTube take off

06:00 – Original songs

07:03 – Lyric writing – Brick

09:20 – Most passion

10:00 – Nameless

12:00 – Barriers

13:30 – How much is producer?

16:10 – Naked on stage

19:40 – Open mic’s, share feelings

21:00 – Genesis

23:00 – Say what they think

27:00 – Independent

29:00 – Business

30:44 – 13

38:00 – YouTube criticism

42:00 – Livestream

48:00 – Vinyl

56:00 – Focus music

60:00 – Book summary

63:30 – Indie week

70:00 – Travel, Iceland

75:15 – Skincare and cosmetics, “Delizioso Skincare”

77:10 – Natural

79:30 – Entrepreneurship

83:15 – 19 years old entrepreneur

85:30 – What’s next?

Episode 10 – Joseph William Mackay Barker III

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Me, in episode 2 with Daniel Kharlas: “Think about swimming. We aren’t built for the water anymore.”

Joseph, nearly the same day, had plenty to say to me.

“Babies have a natural capacity to swim, this is not a learned behaviour, it is actually a innate function that our bodies and we as humans are able to do. Humans have what is called the mammalian dive reflex, we all have it.”

“It’s not specific groups of coastal humans that have developed this capacity. In-utero we go through different phases of our history. We pass though an amphibious stage. Our reptilian-ness is at the core of who we are as beings.”

“It’s actually very easy to neocorticalize everything with our ‘superior’ human brains. That takes away from a large aspect of who we are as beings and what our capacities truly are. I have been meditating since I was in my early teens and 80% of my most deeply mindful moments has come from the practice of free diving.

“My argument is that because that we as a species are so separated from our natural capacities and history our ‘diseases’ that are primarily mental and physical have taken so much control we are not living in a world that is even close to being mindful.”

“I propose what would be conversation, experiment and adventure.”

An adventure is what we had.

Joseph Barker is a retired professional swimmer with 6 Canadian records under his belt. These days his time is spent between clients in his practice as a specialized manual therapist, his vineyard and making music. His life is about innovation and passion, creating a better future now for the individuals in the community through his various projects. Oh, and his soothing voice and mind is part of Daniel Kharlas’ VRcadia as their first Artist in Residence.

Show Notes

  • Full Body Efficiency Treatment
  • VRcadia
  • LSTU Episode 2 with Daniel Kharlas
  • 02:40 – The message that kicked off our discussion
  • 05:10 – Joseph introduces himself, his history, born with one arm
  • 09:50 – Aquatic ape theory
  • 13:00 – Dogs, selective breeding, domesticated animals
  • 17:00 – Whales, the advantage of fat vs. fur
  • 20:00 – Fat continued
  • 27:00 – Sweat lodges, thermal stress
  • 31:00 – Building the sweat lodge
  • 35:00 – The craziness of ordering food from anywhere, Marketplace reviews Uber Eats
  • 48:00 – Thermal regulation, ice baths, #spiritualninja, Joseph’s ice bath
  • 55:00 – Intro to the experiment
  • 1:01:00 – The experiment wrap-up

Episode 9 – Carrie Anne Stephenson

Any day a comedian is on the podcast you know it’s going to be a rockin’ good time. It was with Carrie. I expected our talk to center around comedy. We explored far beyond just that topic. From style to how to work a crowd, it turns out that having some comedy skills is essential for life. Oh, and we talked about Pokemon and toys from the 90’s. Thank you Carrie!

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Carrie Anne Stephenson has a rich and diverse background, she is exceptional in Public relations and Performance. Carrie Anne knows how to put on a show and build an audience. With her many experiences with Yuk- Yuk’s Stand up Comedy, appearing on Dragon’s Den, and eventually becoming the owner of her very own sought after entertainment company; She has opened an extensive amount of doors to some very exciting opportunities! Carrie Anne Stephenson IS London’s Funniest Female!

In short, she’s an epic human being.

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Episode 8 – Alex Ven

I love chatting with musicians and artists of all kinds. Part of this podcast’s mission is to figure out how we all think. That way, we can start to solve the problems of the world, and maybe even the universe.

Alex Ven is a musician, producer and DJ based in London, Ontario. Self-taught on drums, guitar and various programs such as Ableton, he loves to see how music brings people together. Alex is a Western graduate from Media, Information and Technoculture, where he studied media and its profound effects on society.

In short, he’s an epic human being.

We covered so much ground on this podcast. With Dance Dance Revolution as our start line, we explored personas, what it means to be a musician, how Kayne West is so damn successful… and honestly, way more than that. Alex is a fascinating individual, and unbelievably talented. Talented. Key word, folks. He assembles music live before your ears. That’s talent. Go check him out.

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Episode 7 – Cheron Kovacs, Your Canadian Sister

Cheron traveled over two hours to record a podcast! We had such an incredible conversation… it opened my eyes to the idea of kindred spirits. Thank you Cheron!

Cheron Kovacs is Your Canadian Sister, a mother, an author, and all-around beautiful person. She has been on a journey of self-discovery, describing it as, “the best trial of her life.” She is a teacher of self-love and as of this post is running the December 2018 Self-Love Challenge.

We talked about our own journeys, explored parallels, the idea of fate, standing alone, keeping an open mind, and how to navigate the many twists and turns life throws our way. Along the way, Cheron has overcome many trials, including separation from her husband. Finally, her journey from Zimbabwe to Canada… well, I won’t give away too much. Go listen!

In short, she’s an epic human being.

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Your Canadian Sister – Instagram

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Cheron Kovacs – Women Empowering Women

Dreams Unleashed – Amazon Kindle

Your Canadian Sister

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Episode 6 – Amanda Miknev, The Fairy Podmother

It’s my first time interviewing a real-life fairy! I only thought they existed in, well, fairy-tales.

Amanda Miknev is The Fairy Pod Mother, and she is making the world a better, more inclusive place.

We talked politics, including a quick recap of London’s now-legendary move to the ranked ballot system. Then we got into her biggest work – The Fairy Pod Mother! She’s been featured on CBC News for her work in breaking down barriers for access to female hygiene products. Finally, we talked politics once again by looking at how politicians speak to their audience and what we can learn since the social media-i-zation of elections.

About Amanda

Amanda Miknev is the Chief Business Officer of The Fairy Pod Mother, among many other initiatives. Her work as Political Manager for Councilor Josh Morgan’s campaign ensured his message connected with people at the polls, leading him to win his 2018 London Ward election. Finally, she is a Research Assistant at the University of Western Ontario.

In short, she’s an epic human being.

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The Fairy Pod Mother – Instagram

Innovation Works – The Fairy Pod Mother

CBC – The Fairy Pod Mother

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Episode 5 – Ray Syd Stern (The Universe Featuring Ray)

FIVE EPISODES! WHAT!? I can’t believe it either. When I first started to think about this show, I knew I wanted to talk to Ray. We met years ago at Toastmasters.

Ray is such a unique person. Her style, music, and mind are all in perfect sync with each other. After over two hours of conversation, I feel like we’ve got more to cover.

We got to talk all about mindfulness, music, and control over your own mind and your own life. Plus we got to talk about psychedelics and Elon Musk.  Finally, the idea of personas, Carl Jung, and the shadow-self got explored. This episode is full of thoughts, and that’s the way I like it.

About Ray

The Universe Featuring Ray is a creative force, similar to Art Rock females like St Vincent, Kimbra & Karen O. Weaving a wide spectrum of vocal and musical styles within each catchy song and across her eclectic repertoire.

In short, she’s an epic human being.

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Website – The Universe Featuring Ray

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