Episode 8 – Alex Ven

I love chatting with musicians and artists of all kinds. Part of this podcast’s mission is to figure out how we all think. That way, we can start to solve the problems of the world, and maybe even the universe.

Alex Ven is a musician, producer and DJ based in London, Ontario. Self-taught on drums, guitar and various programs such as Ableton, he loves to see how music brings people together. Alex is a Western graduate from Media, Information and Technoculture, where he studied media and its profound effects on society.

In short, he’s an epic human being.

We covered so much ground on this podcast. With Dance Dance Revolution as our start line, we explored personas, what it means to be a musician, how Kayne West is so damn successful… and honestly, way more than that. Alex is a fascinating individual, and unbelievably talented. Talented. Key word, folks. He assembles music live before your ears. That’s talent. Go check him out.

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