Episode 9 – Carrie Anne Stephenson

Any day a comedian is on the podcast you know it’s going to be a rockin’ good time. It was with Carrie. I expected our talk to center around comedy. We explored far beyond just that topic. From style to how to work a crowd, it turns out that having some comedy skills is essential for life. Oh, and we talked about Pokemon and toys from the 90’s. Thank you Carrie!

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Carrie Anne Stephenson has a rich and diverse background, she is exceptional in Public relations and Performance. Carrie Anne knows how to put on a show and build an audience. With her many experiences with Yuk- Yuk’s Stand up Comedy, appearing on Dragon’s Den, and eventually becoming the owner of her very own sought after entertainment company; She has opened an extensive amount of doors to some very exciting opportunities! Carrie Anne Stephenson IS London’s Funniest Female!

In short, she’s an epic human being.

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