Episode 11 – Mirage13

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Artists are the best to talk with. They have such insightful, real takes on the world. They’re able to transcend all sorts of boundaries. Mirage13 is no exception. Started by two sisters, “Brick” and “Pike,” their sound evokes memories of the best alt-rock and punk of the 90’s. If you were a child of that era (like I was) then you’ll feel your hair stand on edge as you hear their renditions of Seven Nation Army and The Kids Aren’t Alright. Then they’ll show their deepest side with their single, Nameless. Go check them out! Oh, and the intro music this week? Their track, “Nice and Perfect.”

“Who are we? Well, Mirage13 is a group of three humans inspired by fuzzy distorted guitar, loud bass scales, heavy drum fills and intense vocals. Dubbed by listeners as a mix of 90’s grunge, alt. rock and punk, Mirage self describes their music as underground rock (rumbling so super deep below the earth’s surface you could basically call it seaweed level). The band was created 4632 hours into 2013 by Pike & Brick, who are sisters that write music to express themselves and dive out of reality. Intensified by their drummer, smashing in with dynamic beats, the trio is hugely inspired by all kinds of music…and sounds…and art…and experiences. They love to play live and loud.”

Show Notes


Podcast intro music by Mirage13 – Nice and Perfect (Youtube)


LSTU Live Stream with Mirage13 (Youtube)

03:40 – YouTube take off

06:00 – Original songs

07:03 – Lyric writing – Brick

09:20 – Most passion

10:00 – Nameless

12:00 – Barriers

13:30 – How much is producer?

16:10 – Naked on stage

19:40 – Open mic’s, share feelings

21:00 – Genesis

23:00 – Say what they think

27:00 – Independent

29:00 – Business

30:44 – 13

38:00 – YouTube criticism

42:00 – Livestream

48:00 – Vinyl

56:00 – Focus music

60:00 – Book summary

63:30 – Indie week

70:00 – Travel, Iceland

75:15 – Skincare and cosmetics, “Delizioso Skincare”

77:10 – Natural

79:30 – Entrepreneurship

83:15 – 19 years old entrepreneur

85:30 – What’s next?

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