Episode 12 – Tara Geraghty-Ellis

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Tara and I met back at momondays Guelph in 2018. She’s an absolute marvel of a person, out to smash the barriers that stand in humanity’s way. Her book, VisAble and Empowered, is her gift to the world. She’s overcome some incredible obstacles, such as her high school when they shredded her university application. Her voice is one that advocates for all, especially those with disabilities. Our conversation ranged from the language of disabilities to self-advocacy, self-worth, and more. Plus we recorded it on her birthday! Thank you Tara for being part of this show. It was an honour.

“I am a Registered Social Worker with an Masters Degree from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. I am a clinical social worker and owner/operator of Tara Geraghty-Ellis Disability Counselling and Consulting. I am currently practicing in Mississauga Ontario. My goals of this work is to provide an outlet for professional support to people affected by disability in a way that is customized to meet their diverse needs, while also helping those in business to meet the requirements of the AODA and make their workplaces and industries inclusive of people with disabilities. My passion for the work I am doing now, both as a private clinical social worker and in my other fields of social work stems from my experiences growing up with disabilities. I live with multiple visible and non-visible disabilities. I have personally experienced a lot of negative attitudes, mistreatment, discrimination and outright oppression. I strive every day to empower the people I work with to dream big, expect the best for themselves, and find the inner strength and external supports to make their dreams come true. I am a living testament to the fact that your biggest dreams can come true, just maybe not in the way that you thought they would.”

Show Notes

VisAble and Empowered – Amazon.ca (Hardcover)

Access Disability Empowerment – Facebook

02:20 The book

03:20 Doctors

04:20 – Mental disability?

05:40 – Self-advocation

07:00 – Creative

11:00 – Creative – moment

13:50 – Gratitude

14:40 – What started gratitude

19:00 – “Arming yourself for failure”

24:00 – Alignment of vision

30:00 – Story – end it all

35:00 – Mental anguish vs .physical disability

43:00 – Global ChangeMakers

48:30 – Catalyst for Employability for All

50:00 Who benefits from the system

53:00 Special Ed

55:00 University app

59:00 empowering – selling

65:25 – Disability

68:00 – Word choices UK/CA

76:00 Body quirks

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