Episode 13 – Kevin Bulmer

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Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man, is a gentlemen whom I have a deep amount of respect for. He is the embodiment of the phoenix – rise from the ashes to realize a better version of oneself. It’s only fitting that he took on the role of host of momondays London. We had an intense conversation about change – how we fear it, how we embrace it, and how it can help our entire species evolve. You rock, Kevin. Thank you for being on the podcast.

“Ah yes, the name “No Schedule Man.” It was first the title of a song I wrote in 2007, which later became the title of a CD, then part of the title of another CD in 2014 (“Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man”), and then the name of my podcast (which, I admit, I named that way because at that point I didn’t know what the podcast was about or what else to call it). It’s now a keynote speech (it’s a key component of “Leadership, Rescripted”) and workshop on authenticity, too.

At first, I thought I’d just written about a character who was the complete opposite of how I actually behaved. But after over 40 years, I finally figured out that it was the character in that song that I actually aspired to be. Life’s gone a lot better since I embraced it and all that comes with it: going with the flow, accepting impermanence, living each moment with gratitude and embracing the journey as the destination.”

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Show Notes

3:20 – momondays

4:20 – mindset

9:30 – revolve

12:20 – conspiracy

13:10 – first event – Martin Reid

15:10 – Vulnerability

18:00 – Change

21:50 – Podcast & change – TV

25:00 – The Secret – life in shambles

31:30 – Failure as a human being

33:40 – Money

35:40 – Say something that needs to be said

38:00 – Change – people

40:25 – I want more than this.

40:50 – Forgive – it’s change

46:50 – “Why am I holding myself back?”

49:30 – Figured out

50:30 – Staged

53:00 – Creative lifestyle freedom

55:30 – The Rant of the Path

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