Hello, and welcome to Let’s Solve the Universe. I’m Elias Puurunen, your host and like you, I am a seeker of knowledge.

Let’s Solve the Universe is a podcast dedicated to great conversations, ideas about the world, and anything in-between. It’s a platform for incredible minds to share their knowledge in the hopes we can come together and make the world a better place.

Let’s Solve the Universe might be hosted by me, but it is ultimately your podcast. After all, you’re the one who wished to subscribe, download, and enjoy the insights of the many people I’ve been lucky enough to have conversations with.

I started this podcast as a result of the conversations I was having with people. Many times I would say to myself, “I wish we could share this with the world.” As a Toastmaster, I was challenged in one project to launch a podcast. After years of humming and hawing about doing so, I finally took the plunge.

About Elias Puurunen

Elias is the founder of Northern HCI Solutions Inc. and the Tractus Event Passport, an app dedicated to creating awesome conference, symposium, and gala experiences. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at age 4 and has spent most of his life working in spite of his diagnosis. You can catch him on stages across Canada talking about his journey.

Get in touch with Elias at elias@lstupodcast.com.

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Let’s Solve the Universe is produced and published each Saturday at 10 AM. You can always find the latest show at lstupodcast.com.

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