Ben Cowie – Episode 14!

I’m back! Where was I? Life happened. Lots of exciting stuff. But enough about me. A few months ago I got to sit down with the incredible Ben Cowie of the London Bicycle Cafe. We talked cargo bikes, bike locks, how to make urban transportation more efficient, how he made the transition from academic to […]

Episode 13 – Kevin Bulmer

Download Episode 13 Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man, is a gentlemen whom I have a deep amount of respect for. He is the embodiment of the phoenix – rise from the ashes to realize a better version of oneself. It’s only fitting that he took on the role of host of momondays London. We […]

Episode 12 – Tara Geraghty-Ellis

Download Episode 12 Tara and I met back at momondays Guelph in 2018. She’s an absolute marvel of a person, out to smash the barriers that stand in humanity’s way. Her book, VisAble and Empowered, is her gift to the world. She’s overcome some incredible obstacles, such as her high school when they shredded her university application. […]

Episode 11 – Mirage13

Download Episode 11 Artists are the best to talk with. They have such insightful, real takes on the world. They’re able to transcend all sorts of boundaries. Mirage13 is no exception. Started by two sisters, “Brick” and “Pike,” their sound evokes memories of the best alt-rock and punk of the 90’s. If you were a […]

LIVE With Tara Geraghty-Ellis

Tara Geraghty-Ellis and I recorded a podcast today and decided to stream it live. Check it out! Audio version to be posted soon. Also check out her book, VisAble and Empowered. FriesenPress – VisAble and Empowered Apple iTunes – VisAble and Empowered Google Books – VisAble and Empowered Amazon – VisAble and Empowered

Episode 10 – Joseph William Mackay Barker III

Download Episode 10 Me, in episode 2 with Daniel Kharlas: “Think about swimming. We aren’t built for the water anymore.” Joseph, nearly the same day, had plenty to say to me. “Babies have a natural capacity to swim, this is not a learned behaviour, it is actually a innate function that our bodies and we […]

Episode 8 – Alex Ven

I love chatting with musicians and artists of all kinds. Part of this podcast’s mission is to figure out how we all think. That way, we can start to solve the problems of the world, and maybe even the universe. Alex Ven is a musician, producer and DJ based in London, Ontario. Self-taught on drums, […]

Episode 6 – Amanda Miknev, The Fairy Podmother

It’s my first time interviewing a real-life fairy! I only thought they existed in, well, fairy-tales. Amanda Miknev is The Fairy Pod Mother, and she is making the world a better, more inclusive place. We talked politics, including a quick recap of London’s now-legendary move to the ranked ballot system. Then we got into her biggest work […]