Episode 5 – Ray Syd Stern (The Universe Featuring Ray)

FIVE EPISODES! WHAT!? I can’t believe it either. When I first started to think about this show, I knew I wanted to talk to Ray. We met years ago at Toastmasters.

Ray is such a unique person. Her style, music, and mind are all in perfect sync with each other. After over two hours of conversation, I feel like we’ve got more to cover.

We got to talk all about mindfulness, music, and control over your own mind and your own life. Plus we got to talk about psychedelics and Elon Musk.  Finally, the idea of personas, Carl Jung, and the shadow-self got explored. This episode is full of thoughts, and that’s the way I like it.

About Ray

The Universe Featuring Ray is a creative force, similar to Art Rock females like St Vincent, Kimbra & Karen O. Weaving a wide spectrum of vocal and musical styles within each catchy song and across her eclectic repertoire.

In short, she’s an epic human being.

Find Ray On the Internet

Website – The Universe Featuring Ray

Facebook – The Universe Featuring Ray


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Episode 4 – Greg Horton

Greg was the first person I recorded a podcast with, and I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful first guest. We had been talking about doing a podcast for months, and to finally do so was awesome. Thank you, good sir.

About Greg

Greg Horton is The Casual Athlete. He offers wellness services to people who find access to traditional fitness methods difficult. He is a local photographer, a husband, and a motivator. His motto, “fitness for the rest of us” encapsulates his mission and guides his approach to delivering fitness to the world.

Find Greg On the Internet

The Casual Athlete – Facebook

The Casual Athlete Blog

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Episode 3 – Wayne (W.T.) Hamilton

W.T. Hamilton is an author, mentor, coach and has just launched his new One Chapter book series. He is focused on helping people learn how to use the non-spiritual side of law of attraction to achieve success in business. He writes motivational books with his Mom and are often called the unlikely Duo. He is married with four kids, loves the gym, having fun, drinking beer and helping people.

Find Wayne On the Internet

W.T. Hamilton’s Books – Amazon.ca

Your Invisible Power

W.T. Hamilton – Instagram

This was one of the deepest conversations I’ve had yet. Wayne is such an interesting guy to talk with, and I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface.

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Episode 2 – Daniel Kharlas

Daniel Kharlas is the General Manager of VRcadia, the virtual reality gaming lounge set to advance the digital future. He’s also a meditation expert, and delivers guided meditation every week at the London Mindfulness Community.

A podcast with a guided meditation! What more could you ask for? Well, we also talked a lot about augmented reality, virtual reality, extended reality, and new experiences of consciousness available thanks to these new technologies. We still have so much to talk about too!

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Episode 1 – Leanne Mayer Hodges (2018-11-03)

Leanne Mayer Hodges is a singer-songwriter and employment councilor from London, Ontario. She just released her first EP, “Bittersweet Remedy,” available on all major audio platforms, including iTunes.

Our conversation ranged from her musical journey to her first EP, to how the legalization of marijuana will impact the employment market in Canada.

Check out the release party for Bittersweet Remedy and get your tickets! https://www.facebook.com/events/476843306131137/

Grab a copy of Bittersweet Remedy from iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/bittersweet-remedy-ep/1438194255

Leanne Mayer Music – https://www.facebook.com/mayer.leanne

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